The Trembling of a Leave

CDr 𐤟 10′44″ 𐤟 10′10″ 𐤟 22′20″

Frogs in a pond quake in sync with each other. Their synchronised quaking is one of their ways to prevent their predators from localising them. When their chorus is disturbed by an airplane flyby, they go through the process of synchronising again. During this operation, which takes about 45 minutes, they are more vulnerable to the danger of the predators.

Living in the middle of an industrial area in a vibrant city, I grew more and more fascinated by the noises made as a byproduct of our deeply industrialised world. The buzzes and humming being present throughout the days and the nights had a great impact on my life as a human being. My previous CD release “The Unreasonable Silence” and my short film ”An Attempt at Exhausting a Place” are the result of my interest in and my concerns about the consequences of our automated life.

After moving to a remote part of the Netherlands, I notice the consequences of the sounds I had lived in for the major part of my life. This extreme exchange of location and lifestyle made me wonder what would happen if our manufactured world would disappear? What if the end of our energy surplus takes us back to a way of living long gone? If humankind does not survive its own creations, what would the world thereafter sound like?

With analog synthesizers, I composed “The Trembling of a Leave” as a passage through the transformation of our lives from a fossil fuel industry to the waves and echoes beyond.


The Trembling of a Leave 1

The Trembling of a Leave 2

The Trembling of a Leave 3

November 2022

I probably first realised in the making of my movie “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place” that the traces we leave behind is a very important theme. What’s left after we leave these traces behind? And what’s left after the audience has gone?

These 3 analog pieces are an investigation in leaving behind the world as we know it. An investigation in the trembling, the unrest and the societal turbulence while leaving the Post Peak Oil area. A misty glimpse into the dark times ahead.

The Trembling of a Leave